How do you stay motivated to reach your health and fitness goals?!?!

We have to realize it is a privilege to #GETUPANDGLO and move our bodies!!!

1. Mind GLO

Change your mindset, find a deeper purpose for working out! Realize that it is not just about the outside appearance and having a nice 6 pack! We are blessed to be able to walk, run, skip, and jump because some people are not able to get out of bed!

2. Write down your goals

Manifest the things that you desire mentally, physically, and spiritually! Speak positivity into your life and watch the universe work in your favor. Remember there is only 1 YOU and that you can and will BE your goals.

3. Get a calendar

Focus on what you are doing in the moment, approach your goals step-by-step. Include your workout in your daily calendar and set daily, monthly, and yearly goals.

4. Come to Virtual GLO Class!

Group workouts are a great way to be held accountable to reach your fitness goals. Invite your friends and family to workout with you or to do a fitness challenge with you! Grab your #GLOBANDS and come to Virtual GLO Class, let me be your online coach and let's #GETUPANDGLO together! Mind, body, and soul GLO!!!

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