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Taylor Sarreen GLO'd Up During Her Pregnancy! ✨

Taylor has been so inspirational to new mothers on her social media platforms and she took some time out to answers questions about how she was able to stay active throughout her pregnancy!!!

How do you stay motivated to GLO throughout your pregnancy?

I stayed motivated knowing that it was helping the development of my baby, my delivery, and my personal mental. I'm always in a better mood once I move my body.

What workouts did you find most effective for labor?

Workouts that I found most effective were definitely squats. Preparing my pelvis for delivery, and training my legs to carry the extra weight was crucial.I incorporated squats a lot into my yoga routines.

How important is it to GLO before pregnancy?

It's super important to prepare your body for your baby and yourself. Moving your body is pure medicine, and fuel to your body.

Taylor created a series of pregnancy friendly yoga routines on her YouTube channel! She enjoys encouraging other expecting mothers to Get Up And GLO!!!! ✨

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Instagram: @taylorsarreen

Twitter: @TaylorSarreen


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