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The Healing Benefits of Hot Springs

Soaking in naturally heated water is a wonderful relaxing experience and has many therapeutic benefits. Hot springs are generally about 98 degrees or higher and many people visit them from all over the world specifically for its healing properties.

I had the chance to visit the world-famous resort in Glenwood Springs, Colorado (see photos). The water at Glenwood Hot Springs contains 15 health-boosting minerals. Here are all of the minerals and their benefits:

  1. Boron- strengthens bones and aids in brain function

  2. Calcium- promotes healthy bones and overall health

  3. Sodium- an electrolyte that plays a pivotal role in enzyme operations, nerve, and muscle function

  4. Sulfate- relieves pain and is essential for maintaining healthy skin, hair, and nails

  5. Lithium- elevates the mood and produces a sense of calm

  6. Potassium- vital for heart and kidney health

  7. Fluoride- excellent for the health of bones and teeth

  8. Chloride- helps regulate blood pressure and pH in the body

  9. Magnesium- increases energy levels

  10. Manganese- contributes to healthy bone growth

  11. Iron- vital for blood health and increases resistance to disease

  12. Zinc- boosts the immune and digestive systems

  13. Phosphate- critical for energy storage and metabolism

  14. Silica- strengthens hair by preventing it from thinning

  15. Nitrogen- hair, skin, and nail health

Soaking in the Hot Springs has many benefits for the body and it is certainly one of the best ways to recovery from a tough "GLO" workout. Many patients often turn to hot springs post-surgery to soak up these amazing healing benefits as well. To find out for yourself visit one of the many hot springs around the world.


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