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Ooh La La Vegan Cookbook 🥑

"I invite you to try our Vegan menu, and you will be surprised. Anything you can eat, I can make vegan”

— Head Chef Brianna Lawnya

Ooh La La Foods is a guide to eating flavorful plant-based foods. This book will help satisfy all your taste buds. Brianna Lawnya cultivated some very simple recipes that everyone will love. This cookbook has various scrumptious dishes that can be created easily by anyone.

This book contains so many easy to make 100% animal free dishes. Inside you will find various recipes ranging from breakfast, pasta, dessert, and plant based meats. These recipes are packed with flavor and soul! This book is also the first collaboration of Ooh La La Vegan and the Brianna Lawnya Collection. Chef Brianna Lawnya cooks delicious food and creates ethical clothing. Brianna Lawnya Collection is her clothing brand and she creates custom designs. This book is a mixture of food and fashion we know you will enjoy.

Watch me make one of her juice recipes! 🍍🍊✨


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