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Demetria Sutton, Military Veteran

As a 15-year military veteran, I am no stranger to intense workouts. Even so, J’rai is always able to challenge and push me to the next level. She is so knowledgeable in overall health and fitness; incorporating good nutrition habits and making adjustments for my injuries when needed. The entire Get Up and GLO brand effervesces her “velvet hammer” style. You will work hard, but J’rai’s uplifting attitude will motivate you to reach your goals.


Blaine Bentsen, Actor

“J’rai, of Get Up And GLO, was my first personal trainer. I had no idea what i was doing in the gym and she changed that completely. She guided me with her positive and beautiful spirit but also knew when to give me some tough love. She kicked my butt and I’m so thankful! I’m an actor and I would recommend her for anyone in the entertainment industry. She was flexible and would switch up work out plans and nutrition advice for each audition or role. I love GETUPANDGLO!”


Paige Fralix, Dancer

Get Up & GLO has been one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I feel like each personalized session gets me a little closer to my goals while also keeping in mind my body’s weaknesses and past injuries. On top of that, J’rai is such a joy to be around and her positive attitude and non-stop encouragement keeps me going in moments of frustration and fatigue. Thank you Get Up And GLO for supporting me on my journey to being a stronger, healthy version of myself

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Nikita Patel, Mother

It has been an absolute pleasure working with and getting to know J’rai! She is extremely professional, compassionate, and really good at what she does. She spends time learning about who you are and what fitness and nutrition goals you are trying to achieve, and she custom tailors your experience accordingly. She’s not even afraid to wake up before 5 in the morning if it means her client is satisfied! She stays on top of all her client’s workouts and goals and makes sure you get the most out of your time with her. I highly recommend trusting J’rai with your fitness and nutrition goals!!!


Ashley Peoples, Mother

"I came to a point in life where I was not myself, I was at my highest weight ever and I was stuck. I started attending private training sessions with J’rai late 2017 and It was hard for me..I cried but I continued to push. I had excuses and J’rai told me one day: THE HARDEST PART IS MAKING IT TO THE SESSION, that has stuck with me since and once I got there, those hour sessions seemed like 5 minutes! While working with J’Rai not only did I train for weight loss but she even helped me with my eating habits, calorie counts, how to read the nutritional labels on foods and learn about nutritious foods. Get Up and GlO tackled my life as a whole, not only did I work on weight loss but I worked on my mind, spirit, confidence, my character and my environment. Since 2017, I have worked out with J’rai, started eating healthier, lost 45 pounds and I see myself more beautiful than ever!”

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