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Product Detail:


The fabric resistance GLO Bands are designed with anti-slip technology and the durable material is meant to withstand the most intense workout! Our bands come in 3 different resistance levels: light (pink), medium (grey), and heavy (blue). The full set includes a travel size nylon bag which can also be purchased separately.




Overall Product Description:


A full workout with just 1 band, at home without equipment or at the gym with weights! The versatility our GLO Bands provide make working out easier for those who like to travel, need to add variety at the gym, or for the individual that does not have the time or money to get a gym membership!



Here are a few exercises that you can do using GLO Bands:



-Jumping jacks


-Squat thrust

-Lunge jumps


-Hip bridge

-Fire hydrant

-Donkey kick

-High knees


GLO Band Full Set

$60.00 Regular Price
$51.60Sale Price
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