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Green GLO Juice- Weight-loss/Pre-workout!

Green GLO Juice is a perfect way to start your day to aid weight-loss and provide the energy and nutrients needed to sustain a tough workout or "GLO" as I call it! Enjoy this simple, easy to make recipe! Here is all you need to get started:






I have created an easy tutorial on my YouTube channel: Get Up And GLO where I also linked the juicer that I am using!!! Juicing is an efficient way to get your veggie and/or fruit intake in for the day and it will also help adjust your tastebuds to get accustomed to eating more fruits and vegetables. I have also found that when I drink my Green GLO Juice daily my skin GLO's like no other! Enjoy this video of me making my Green GLO Juice and let's GLO UP together!!! #GETUPANDGLO

Comment below if you would like to see more juicing recipes! 😋😘


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