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-Small Soft Tortilla (Whole Wheat or Cauliflower Tortilla’s are healthier options)

-Organic Black Beans

-Organic Kale

-Organic Bell Peppers



-Olive Oil

-Garlic Seasoning

-Black Pepper

Vegan Tacos are extremely quick and easy to make for those days when you just do not have a lot of time to prepare a plant based dinner and/or lunch! The black beans are a source of protein and the kale is nutrient-dense packed with vitamin C, vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin B6, and much more. Avocado is added as a healthy source of fat and it also serves as a tasty topping.

1. First, make sure to clean all of your veggies *washing your veggies eliminates pesticide residue and food-borne illness*

2. Cut all of your veggies and saute them with a little olive oil, garlic seasoning, and black pepper *you can also add your choice of low sodium seasoning in addition to this*

3. Next, cook the black beans in garlic and black pepper *additional seasoning can be added but is not needed*

4. Heat your tortilla until it is a golden brown color on each side

5. Add your avocado slices on top

Enjoy your quick, easy vegan tacos!

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